HAL Label

HAL is the religious theory&practice movement as well as publishing forum of Nattramn of Diagnose: Lebensgefahr and Silencer

HAL is the artistic flora in which the animalistic non human expression is constantly evolving.

HAL creates artistic expressions to be published in a variety of formats,
be it books, music, art prints or shirts.

HAL should be looked upon as a further expression of Nattramn, not necessarily linked to either Silencer or Diagnose: Lebensgefahr but merely the "works of Nattramn".

HAL might be silent from time to time and when this happens it is due to two reasons:

1 - We are currently working on the next release or 2 - We have nothing of interest to release at the time. HAL will never release anything for the sole sake of bringing something new.

HAL is not ruling out possible co-operations with other artist but at the moment submitting material is not accepted.


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