All copies of the "När Livet Slås Sönder" t-shirt are now sold out.


Infinite Fog sent us some copies of the "Transformalin" digibook cd that have remained unsold. We have added them to our shop so in case you missed it the first time, here is one final chance to obtain your copy.
Limited and handnumbered to 200 copies.




The Japanese edition of Diagnose: Lebensgefahr "Transformalin" is finally out through HAL/Hidden Marly Productions.
The cd comes in a strictly limited edition of 500 copies complete with OBI-strip.
For this release Nattramn wanted to add one more illustration to commemorate the Japanese aspect of the edition, only to be censored by Hidden Marly Productions.
HAL IS UNBOUND AND HAL IS FREEDOM! We are not accepting any kind of censorship and thus we decided to print the artwork ourselves as an additional two sided card, hand numbered and limited to 100 copies, available from HAL only.
This is not some kind of cheap promotion attempt, Nattramn simply wished the illustration to be featured with this edition as part of his SACRIFICE; "To go back in time and stare into the reversed mirror is to let the ghost of the past take yet another chunk of your FLESH".
Along with the release of the cd HAL also presents a new Diagnose: Lebensgefahr t-shirt, strictly limited to 50 copies, never to be re-printed.
The artwork featured is the symbol of all things to come. For more informazion; visit HAL in the beginning of 2014.
All art executed by HAL artist Costin Chioreanu under strict guidance from Nattramn. Both items are available in the shop.
"Because we are weak in the flesh".



Due to the censorship of our current label, Hidden Marly, the Japanese edition of "Transformalin" is slightly delayed. Nattramn and HAL illustrator Costin Chioreanu wanted to add one more illustration to commemorate the Japanese edition, only to find out that the drawing was replaced with nothing but a black background.
This will not do. Because of this HAL is to print the drawing as an additional card, handnumbered and limited to 100 copies, available from us only.
We are currently not answering emails. More info soon.

Do you want the truth?
Visit HAL.



The Japanese editon of "Transformalin" is available in the shop.




Transforming Japanese souls:
Japanese label Hidden Marly is to release a Japanese version of the Diagnose: Lebensgefahr album "Transformalin".
For the first time this album is going to be properly available in Japan, albeit in a strictly limited edition of 500 cd´s. This edition comes with an OBI strip and one additional illustration to commemorate the release.
The cd will be available through HAL. The release date is yet to be determined.




"Transformalin" cd´s and shirts are sold out from HAL. CD´s are available through infinite fog productions -




"Transformalin" is finally out. Visit "Shop" to place your order.

All pre-orders are processed and to be shipped within the next few days. Expected shipping for Swedish buyers is 4-6 days and international orders is between 7 days and 3 weeks depending on location.
This is a bit longer than usual but is due to the fact that we have a lot of orders to ship simultaneously.
Patience is a virtue


The re-issue of "Transformalin" and two different shirts are to be released on October 23rd. As of today we accept pre-orders. Click on "Shop" in the menu to the left and place your order.




Today we present you the cover artwork for the reiusse of "Transformalin".
This is a joint effort between Nattramn and close HAL collaborator Costin Chioreanu.
No further info at this point of no return.



Infinite Fog Productions to re-release Diagnose: Lebensgefahr "Transformalin"

A press release was just posted on the Infinite Fog website:

"Words are not enough to describe the visceral feelings that Transformalin delivers, but this sound-therapy will cure your soul or make you total sick!
This project’s sole member is Nattramn, whose ‘Death—Pierce Me’ album under the project name Silencer stand as defining work in the suicidal black metal movement. Diagnose: Lebensgefahr is significantly different from either, though, and should not be considered a black metal album as such. For the first time this album blew up the world in 2007 and now it's still one of the most interesting works on current scene.
Transformalin is a bleak voyage through related genres, particularly dark ambient, power electronics, martial and noise-influenced industrial, with black metal serving as the filter that taints and completes them. Consequently, ‘Transformalin’ is a jarring experience that can be harshly rhythmic at one moment and the next dive into unmetered, dragging ambience, while still others draw on martial cadences and horn reveries that echo in the background. Though mostly instrumental, he does provide ‘narration’ from time to time with primarily clean vocals that range from manically impassioned to psalm-tone catatonia.
Last years it became extremely rare album and now, 5 years later, this black pearl is available again!
More details, release date, new front cover, FORMATS, e.t. coming soon. Keep Watching!
~From The Tower Of HAL, Through The Infinite Fog~"
The album will of course be available directly from HAL upon release. Furthermore we would like to address, especially to our Russian followers, that the Trencadis cd is now for sale through Infinite Fog as well. A few copies are still available in our shop.




Trencadis is now available in the shop.



To be able to move forward we must sometimes visit the past - and the time has come to finally release the old black crystal that is Trencadis - Ödelagt.
First (un)known as Sinneskross in 1994 and later reborn as Trencadis, Nattramn formed this industrial ambient project in 1995 and recorded one demo in Ljungby roughly a year after it´s birth.
The demo was dubbed onto tape and given only to a handful of individuals in the Black Metal underground at the time.
"Ödelagt" consists of one 21 minute song recorded in Mono under rough circumstances. Although Trencadis have been slumbering for 16 years it remains relevant as the beginning of Nattramn´s artistic and spiritual journey.
The music could be described as watching over a cold desolate landscape while musically grounded in the sounds and atmospheres of artists such as early Mortiis and the ambient works of Burzum.
So please note: this is not a new project by Nattramn and we are not making any promotion for this release and we are not offering wholesale deals. Trencadis - Ödelagt is sold through HAL only.
The cd comes as a digipack and is limited to 300 handnumbered copies and will never again be re-issued on compact disc. Mastered by T.Lilja, layout and artwork by Nattramn and Costin Chioreanu.
Trencadis - Ödelagt is soon to be available in the shop and if you are on our mailing list you will be notified.



Grishjärta is now sold out.


Today we reveal the artwork for Trencadis - Ödelagt. Order info coming soon.




An interview with HAL designer and illustrator Costin Chioreanu is to be found here.




The paperback edition of "Grishjärta" is now available in the shop.
This edition comes with 4 additional poems, two more pictures from the Nattramn archive as well as three new illustrations from Costin Chioreanu.




All 200 copies of "Grishjärta" were sold out in two weeks and as a result of the immense pressure and interest we are now printing 100 copies of a paperback edition of the book. You may place your order in the shop and all copies will be sent out as soon as we receive them from the printers, this should take no longer than 3 weeks.

Visit "Shop" for more info.


Grishjärta Book

"Grishjärta" is finally released and is available for order under "Shop".

After the musical projects Silencer and Diagnose: Lebensgefahr, Nattramn hereby takes art into a new direction by releasing his first book.

With the allegorical title "Grishjärta" or "Pig´s Heart", this book will grant you an opportunity to step inside the doggerwerk of the mind of Nattramn. Read all written material since the last fifteen years and dive into the depths of the more recent material. Subjects drifts from life as a prisoner of your mind - to what true freedom ultimately is and what living life as a non-human truly means.

A pungent odor of decomposing corpses is always close at hand in order to remind you of what, and who you really are.

Nattramn writes in a variety of emotions, moods and altered mental states - from intense manic fire to cold apathetic dark waters.

Liberating and yet deeply depressive and with a neverending urge to "turn it all off".

Read this book as pure poetry or use it for what it is truly intended for:
A guideline to reject the human being - invoke the animal and reach the level beyond human!

"Grishjärta" is a hardcover book with 156 pages, 10 pictures of Nattramn and illustrations by Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu.

The book is limited and handnumbered to 200 copies, all copies are signed by Nattramn.

The price is set to $35 + postage which is $6/36 kr for Swedish buyers and $9 for international.

In the past we have had some problems with our shipping calculator and If you happen to receive a shipping quote that seem wrong,  just contact us. Also note that we currently accept other forms of payment as well as offering two new shirts, visit "Shop" for more information.

"When all is said"



Blood Pack

"Grishjärta" is finally going to be released on September 10th.
Swedish byers of "Grishjärta" receives a test tube containing blood, this is mandatory, not  optional. The blood pack edition is not available for non Swedish buyers due to possible problems in customs.




Today we are presenting the cover of the book "Grishjärta". The release is only weeks away now.

In tandem with the book release we are also releasing two new shirts, one HAL logo shirt and one "Grishjärta" shirt to accompany the book.
Both shirts will be printed in very limited quantities.

Make sure to visit the HAL website on a regular basis as things are finally coming together.
Piggy piggy heart heart, let me hear you bark bark!



HAL would like to announce that we hereby has initiated a collaboration with renowned Romanian artist Mr.Costin Chioreanu.

Chioreanu works on sketches and ideas under supervision from the doggerwerk that is the mind of Nattramn.

Chioreanu offers us his unearthly talent and full dedication in order to help us visualize the concept of HAL in a way not previously possible.

We consider Chioreanu to be an important wheel in the cog that is HAL and a sample of our collaboraton is to be seen in what is our new and most worthy logo.

Within a week or two, we will also present the cover design to Nattramn's book "Grishjärta" featuring artwork from Chioreanu.

Shortly after this, we will update the website with information on how to order the book.

Lux Aeterna!



The search is over...

We have found our designer for "Grishjärta" and expectations are rightfully high.

To kill is to be holy, kill the one you love!





Nattramn complete work on "Grishjärta"

Nattramn has completed the creative work on his book "Grishjärta" and work with the layout has just begun.

We can now begin to discern the outlines of the embodiment of "Grishjärta", and as soon as the book is sent off to the presses, the site will be updated and everyone on the mailing list to be kept informed.

Currently, we do not accept pre-orders on the book but it should be said that the followers of the HAL mailing list will receive information before others.

Death - In Hoc Signo Vinces!




Welcome to a new chapter

Welcome to the last chapter

Everything here is the beginning

Everything here is the end




Many of you are probably here to find some new information regarding the upcoming book by Nattramn, entitled "Grishjärta" or "Pig´s Heart".

Compiling old as well as writing new material is time consuming and mentally exhausting but the work is slowly progressing.

Nattramn feels no need to release something premature and after all: time is just time.

What is certain this far is:

A, The material written this far is poetry, short texts and lyrics, both in Swedish and English and goes back as early as 1994 until today.

B, A few photos of Nattramn will be featured, dating from 1994 and forward on.

C, All copies will be signed by Nattramn to emphasize the significance of this work




HAL and Nattramn have designed a few shirts which are to be found in the store.

We are now using an e-shop mainly because this is safer for you. We are also trying to take care of your order in a more professional manner with a minimum of mix ups and errors, something that some of you might have encountered at the Diagnose: Lebensgefahr site.

Rest assured: We at HAL are forever aiming for the few - a certain chosen clique, and will never mass print anything for the sake of making money. Money is a human thing and is of low importance.

However, some of you might find some items to be a bit more expensive than you are used to but keep in mind that printing low runs is more costly than printing large numbers.

HAL is forever underground and forever under ground.

With this being said; make sure to visit all the menues to get a full view of HAL







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